I view the human form as a beautiful landscape. Clay is the ideal medium to recreate the human figure by using line, shape, and texture. My interest in Asian artifacts began when I was seven. My aunt and uncle returned from a trip to Asia with my first Geisha doll. I admired the colorful costume that adorned the doll. My interest was further sparked through pursuing Asian studies. The Chinese Warriors, Japanese Samurai Warriors, and Geishas depicted in various mediums served as an inspiration for my sculptures.

The completed figure is viewed as a narrative sculpture that is intended to evoke a response in the viewer. I convey the fierce nature of the warriors, in contrast to the gentle graceful nature of the geishas or maidens. The figures are made from terra cotta clay, which is high fired in a kiln, washed with acrylic paint, and surface finished with a matte sealer.

Etta Block developed an interest in Asian Culture, and its traditions during her undergraduate studies at University of Illinois, while majoring in History. Etta has studied figure sculpture from live models for several years.